[ber-ga] noun

[1] I’m just having a salad. Served between two buns on a quarter pound of beef.
[2] “Forgert your diet!” – burger.
[3] Most people want a perfect relationship. I just want a burger that looks like the ones in commercials.
[4]  When your life throws you a burger, eat it!

Here’s some of the best burgers in Victoria, BC.

Chuck’s Burger Bar

Experience the island’s best burgers! You can build your own burger and poutine. You better bring your appetite! Generous servings and high-quality ingredients. Stop by their Yates St. location! Vegetarian options.

Bin 4

Serving up gourmet burgers with international and local flavours. A Victoria staple. If you are a burger consumer, like me, you will leave Bin 4 fully satisfied. There is a vast selection of burger variations. Vegetarian options are also available. Eat away!

The Pink Bicycle

If you’re looking for a good burger spot, this place won’t disappoint. Laid-back eatery featuring unique burgers made with local ingredients, plus vegetarian options. You can’t miss the pink bike in the window of their Blanshard location! Definitely our favourite burger joint.

Big Wheel

Real fast food. Big Wheel Burger provides the best quality burgers, shakes, sodas and fries through local, sustainable and environmentally friendly resources. It’s fast food without the guilt trip. Check out their Cook St. Village location for a delicious shake and some poutine!

Bimo Burger Stand

A small food truck with undeniably tasty food. The food is made to order, so it comes out hot and fresh. Great spot to grab a quick bite. Now that I am thinking about Bimo, my own lunch is looking kind of sad on my desk.


Fatburger is a great burger place! Excellent burger place with wonderful customer service. If you’re doing keto, you can lettuce wrap your burger and adjust it to make sure your carb count is low. The best franchise shop in Victoria If you ask me.