Between buying the presents and baking those delicious cookies, there never seems to be enough time to decorate for Christmas. Decorating your home for the holidays doesn’t mean you have to cover every wall in the house. Simple and easy decorating ideas like these will bring a little holiday cheer into your home this season!

Holiday Themed Throws

Winter is about staying cozy on cold winter nights. Make your home feel more comfortable with festive throw pillows and blankets. Watching your favorite holiday movie while snuggled up in a Christmas themed blanket will make it even more enjoyable. There’s nothing better than adding style and warmth to your space during the winter months! Adding both throw pillows and blankets is easy and will add that festive warming touch to your space.

Make Room For Fairy Lighting 

It doesn’t really feel like Christmas-time till the streets get adorned with sparkling lights all over. Well, why not bring some of that bright Christmas cheer into your house?If you live in one of the colder regions, the fireplace can also be used as a quick Christmas decor hack. Besides, it’s a great way of bringing together friends and family in one room!

Holiday Wreaths

To get into the celebratory, holiday spirit, hang a dainty wreath above every door inside your house. You can also hang wreaths over the mantle, in front of the windows, as well as on bedroom doors. Nothing is easier than placing a holiday wreath on your front door or wall inside. They are the perfect way to spread a little holiday cheer with ease. We adore decorating with wreaths like this one featuring that traditional green glow.

Decorate that Christmas Tree

If it’s Christmas-time, the need to put up and decorate a customary Christmas tree does not have to verbally expressed. Pick a healthy-looking, moderately sized Christmas Tree which can either be real or artificial.

Decorative Advent Calendars

Celebrate Christmas all month long with a festive advent calendar! Hanging an advent calendar has become a growing family tradition. It’s the perfect way to get your kids’ a little anxious for Christmas Day while giving you a fun decorative touch to your home. If you’re looking for an easy decor item that will make memories for years to come, add an advent calendar to your home.