10 Important Reminders about Christmas

1. Christmas celebrates Jesus as Savior

  • Jesus did what no man could have done – He left His home in heaven to come to earth and give His life for the sin of the world. Jesus knew that He would eventually die on the cross, but He chose to come to this world as an infant anyway. Christmas celebrates the Savior and the sacrifice that He made so that mankind could have restored fellowship with God

2. Christmas celebrates the gift of salvation

  • As people unpack their Christmas gifts, they often forget the most important gift – salvation. Jesus was born on the earth so that He could then die for the sins of the world, creating a bridge between God and man. God graciously and mercifully gives this gift to all, because He knows that nobody deserves it. What a gift

3. Christmas celebrates God’s love for us

  • God’s love is integral to the true meaning of Christmas, because if He did not love the world as He did, He would not have sent His Son to die on the cross. Christmas is a reminder to the world that God loves everyone, and that through His son Jesus, He made the forgiveness of sins possible.

4. Christmas is a reminder of God’s fulfilled prophecy

  • The prophecy in the book of Isaiah referring to the birth of Jesus came several years before it actually happened, and when it did happen, it was a glorious event! Christmas is a great reminder that God fulfills His prophecies, and His promises.

5. Christmas is part of God’s redemption plan

  • The birth of Jesus was not random. Everything was planned meticulously from the beginning, from His birth all the way to His resurrection and ascension into heaven. God intended for people to turn to Him in repentance, and to experience forgiveness of sins through His son Jesus.

6. Christmas celebrates Jesus for leaving His home in heaven for the sake of mankind

  • Do you often think about what Jesus left behind to come to the earth and eventually die for your sins? Jesus had everything, yet He sacrificed it all to come the earth and provide a way for people to renew their relationship with God. That alone is cause for celebration!

7. Christmas is built on singularity

  • Christmas is a reminder that through Jesus, the Father made only one provision for the sins of the world. That is why the birth of Jesus is such an important event. There had never been another such birth, and there will never be another one, because of the weight that this birth carried – forgiveness of sins.

8. Christmas shows divine involvement

  • God’s divine involvement in the lives of people is another reminder of the true meaning of Christmas. He did not just send Jesus as an adult to drop down on earth and start doing miracles. The Father let Jesus come to earth from the beginning stage of life – infancy, and let Him live all the way to adulthood, so that men would identify with Him, and so that He could experience all that His people were going through. Jesus was made just like you.

9. Christmas brings a message of hope

  • As nations go through political turmoil, wars, natural disasters and pandemics, hope among their citizens begins to reduce. Focusing on the real meaning of Christmas however gives people hope, because they know that Jesus came to earth to give them an opportunity to have a relationship with Him, and to give those who accept His salvation and believe in Him an eternal hope.

10. Christmas is a time of self-disclosure

  • You may be wondering who this self-disclosure refers to. Well, there is so much about God that man will never comprehend, even with all that has been revealed to this point. At Christmas, however, God chose to reveal the nature of His heart and mind towards His creation – that He loved them enough to sacrifice His son Jesus, and that Jesus chose to become flesh and dwell on earth.

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