Canada is a vast country that is popular with expatriates around the world. It is widely regarded as a welcoming country with a friendly population and a wealth of opportunities for those willing to make a move. Listed as one of the best countries in the world for expatriates, it is consistently praised for its accepting and tolerant society and great quality of life. It is also a vast country of dazzling scenery and exciting cities, French and English speakers and snow-swept winters and glorious summers.

Here are some reasons why you should call the Great White North your new home.

Friendly Locals

It seems Canadians live up to their welcoming reputation describing Canadians as “friendly”. People are more open, open minded and more approachable. When you ask where to go, they are more likely to answer with no sort of issues.

Quality of Life

With a lower cost of living, a focus on sports and enjoying the outdoors, many expats choose to head to Canada to improve their quality of life.

Great Outdoors

Canadians in general love sport, but that passion isn’t just confined to ice hockey, lacrosse and basketball, it also extends way beyond that. Canada is vast and most of the populations lives in cities, which leaves great expanses of wilderness just waiting to be explored. Whether you’re kayaking or swimming, skiing or simply strolling through beautiful scenery, the Great Outdoors is just begging to be discovered.

Good healthcare

Canada is rightly proud of its state-funded healthcare offering Medicare, which ensures essential medical treatment is free at the point of delivery. Most primary and secondary care is included, with doctor visits and referrals to specialists free of charge.

As a permanent resident, you can enjoy both in-patient and out-patient services as part of Medicare, which is actually seen as a health insurance service, funded by the taxes citizens and residents pay in through income tax, sales tax and things like the purchase of lottery tickets.


Canada prides itself on its diversity and accepts immigrants and refugees seeking a new life as well as giving them the support they need on arrival.

Underground Malls

When the winter really bites and the wind chill sends you wanting to scurry indoors, you don’t have to shut yourself up at home. In the coldest cities across Canada, you can go out shopping and enjoy dinners and cocktails, all underground. It is the perfect way to tackle the cold.

Glorious Summers

After the long winter, the sun comes out across Canada and mountainside are blanketed in colourful wildflowers, alpine lakes glisten in the sunshine, the rugged coastline begins to attract holiday makers. There are festivals and picture-perfect camping spots, rainforest hikes and secluded beaches on empty coastlines, not to mention kayaking along gushing rivers.

If you’re thinking of making Canada your new home, you are definitely on a great track towards a wonderful life!