When packing your carry-on, you’ll first want to focus on creating a seamless airport experience and things like a travel wallet and an easily accessible toiletry pouch will help you stay organized and breeze through security. Then, make sure your in-flight experience is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. This is where travel essentials like headphones, snacks, and a travel pillow will come in.

Reusable Water Bottle

Reusable water bottles are not only the environmentally friendly choice, but they have a major advantage over cheap, clear plastic water bottles: they actually keep your water COLD, even in miserably hot destinations!

Whether we’re carrying backpacks or suitcases, we roll up our clothing and organize them in these lightweight packing cubes to stay organized during our trip! It’s made traveling between destinations on the same trip a lot easier. They come in several different sizes, perfect for storing various items. For example, one reviewer said that the smallest cube is ideal for packing things such as underwear and accessories. You could probably use it for small toiletry items as well.

If you forget this bad boy, you’ll regret it forever. Nowadays though, your smartphone camera is good quality enough to capture great shots so if you’re trying to carry less, then ditch the camera. Also, my camera is a great conversation starter. It’s easy to make friends in unknown places when you’re shooting the environment around you. It’s also a fun segue into asking locals if there’s anything in particular I should see during my trip.

If you’re traveling internationally, an adapter is a must-have. Other countries have 3 holes in their electric sockets, so be sure to buy yourself an adapter here for your gadgets to avoid any additional charges when you travel abroad.